Which field of law is right for you?

NOTE: Think of this quiz as an exercise to help you pursue your own research about choosing a law career. The quiz is not a foolproof diagnostic scientific tool. It’s just for fun!

  1. My iPod is filled with ...
    legally downloaded music
    baseball highlights
    sounds of nature
    foreign language lessons
  2. My T-shirts usually feature ...
    my favorite sports team
    a brand name
    my favorite band
    something from nature
  3. Which of the following best describes you?
    I believe children are our future.
    I have a healthy diet and exercise every day.
    I am addicted to pop culture.
    I like numbers more than words.
  4. One of my favorite websites is ...
    Lonely Planet
  5. College should be ...
    a great chance to study abroad
    available and free for everyone
    the classes you go to between football games
    a worthwhile tax deduction
  6. I'm a little obsessed with ...
    Court TV
    going green
    being active
    saving money
  7. If I could only watch one TV show, it would be ...
    The Apprentice
    Grey's Anatomy
    Dr. Phil
    Law & Order
  8. Other than textbooks, I might read a book about ...
    Suze Orman
    Charles Manson
    Martin Luther King, Jr.
    Steve Jobs
  9. Man, do I hate ...
    bye weeks
  10. Money is for ...
    paying bills
  11. When I'm not studying, I am ...
    enjoying the outdoors
    getting organized
    watching movies
  12. With a law degree, I could ...
    save the planet
    fight crime
    help children
    work with celebrities
  13. For spring break, I would love to ...
    visit Wall Street
    volunteer in New Orleans
    go to spring training
    spend time with my family
  14. The best first date would be ...
    attending a murder mystery dinner theater
    visiting an art museum
    dinner at a French restaurant
    volunteering at a Boys & Girls Club
  15. My favorite day is ...
    Earth Day
    Tuesday, 12:01 am
    April 15
    Superbowl Sunday
  16. The first section I read in the newspaper is ...
    police blotter
    world news
  17. I love movies ...
    about heists and crime
    with subtitles
    that critique society
    that have a celebrity cast
  18. If I didn't practice law, I'd like to ...
    own a business
    be a social worker
    be a doctor
    start a nonprofit

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