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Law Schools: Months

From January 15 through March 15, LSAC will be joined by law schools across the country to observe Months, a yearlong initiative targeted to students from racial and ethnic groups underrepresented in the legal profession. Law schools are encouraged to host events that demonstrate to high school and early college students why the world does need another lawyer.


Your law school is eligible for a maximum grant of $2,750 to program events that address early outreach, awareness, and preparation aimed at the target audience:

The LSAC Diversity Committee and the Board of Trustees hope that law schools will take advantage of this opportunity to extend outreach efforts, within their local area or state, to minority students in high school, community college, and the first two years of undergraduate school. Months Guidelines


  • Develop event programming that addresses early outreach, awareness, motivation, and preparation for law school.
  • Register students at
  • Provide information about the website to students.

Target Audience

Racially and ethnically diverse students who are in high school, community college, or the first two years of undergraduate school.

Program Timeline

To qualify for the first $1,000, your law school must schedule the first event between January 15 and March 15. After you've completed the first event during this time period, your law school becomes eligible to receive additional funds for similar programming until December 31 of the same year.

Event Location

The event must take place within your local area or state. LSAC does not reimburse for events that take place out of state.


  • The Law School Admission Council must be acknowledged in all materials. For example: Sponsored by the Law School Admission Council as part of Months.
  • Students should be encouraged to either sign up at or fill out Contact Cards (PDF). (100 percent participation is the goal.)
  • Plan to present the PowerPoint (PPTX) as part of your program.
  • The program must not be connected with efforts to recruit students entering your law school.
  • Submit final Report and Reimbursement Form within 30 days after your activity.

Benefits to Your Law School

  • Widespread promotion of your law school's diversity outreach programs.
  • Access to free promotional items to raise awareness for your event.
  • Opportunity for your law school to extend its programmatic budget.
  • Program funding up to $2,750.

Reimbursable Expenses

  • Travel (buses, tokens)
  • Food
  • Printing (agendas, programs)

LSAC reserves the right to refuse to reimburse programs or law schools that are not compliant with any Months guidelines.

Nonreimbursable Expenses

  • Events that take place outside of your law school's state.
  • Payments made to law school faculty or staff (honoraria, plane tickets, hotel parking, etc.).
  • Payments made to student organizations.
  • Tickets to attend banquets or to purchase a table at a banquet.
  • Table space at local festivals or community events.
  • T-shirts, bags, or any other items with just the law school's logo (unless it will also have the LSAC and logos).
  • Prizes or awards for student attendees.

Required Forms

  • Event Form: Use this form to submit all of your Months events.
    (NOTE: Events are posted approximately 7–10 business days after being approved.)

Photo and Video Release Forms

Authorized photos and videos of Months events at law schools will be used on our website, as well as our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. If you plan to take photos and videos and submit them to LSAC, these forms will be required from each attendee.

Report and Reimbursement Form

For your convenience, we will send you the Report and Reimbursement Form via e-mail the day after your event. If you do not receive it, please contact

  • Contact Card Spreadsheet (XLS): For your convenience, we have created this spreadsheet, which you can use to submit information from the contact cards. The spreadsheet can be uploaded directly to the Report and Reimbursement Form. Otherwise, scan all of your contact cards and upload them to the Report and Reimbursement Form as one PDF file.

Social Media (NEW for 2014!)

We also encourage your students to post, like, tweet, or send pictures of your Months events while they are occurring and tag as...

Event Materials

Contact Us

Please email with any questions or suggestions you may have about the campaign.