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Right now, the legal profession does not reflect the expanding diversity of our society.

That's why LSAC developed the campaign—to encourage racially and ethnically diverse students to discover career opportunities in law in their first and second year of undergraduate school. Discovering law early in their career exploration makes it easier to choose a path that will lead them to a law degree.

With access to experts, inspiring stories about law school students and graduates, answers to frequently asked questions, and more, students will receive resources, tips, and tools on how to prepare to be a successful law school applicant.

Campuses across the country are encouraged to take advantage of the campaign's many resources and materials.

Ways to Promote at Your Campus

Host a campus event aimed at introducing racially and ethnically diverse first- and second-year college students to the fields of law and providing information about how they can best prepare for law school.

If your campus has a law school, create opportunities for first- and second-year undergrads and law students from diverse populations to connect with one another.

Organize a volunteer or "job shadowing" day with local lawyers.

Nominate alumni from your school to be included in's Find Your Inspiration profiles.

Some other ideas to consider:


We are interested in involving you and collaborating wherever possible. If you have any questions or suggestions, please email