Student Ambassador Program:
A Pilot Program

During the 2014–2015 school year, LSAC’s Diversity Initiatives office launched the Student Ambassador Program, a three-year pilot program with three Philadelphia high schools. This extracurricular program intends to encourage racially and ethnically diverse high schools students to discover career opportunities in law, and to provide these students with resources to help them along this path.

The Diversity Initiatives office already funds a number of other pipeline initiatives and programs with these objectives. However, the vision for this program is to empower high school students to be active participants, both in terms of shaping the direction of their legal education and sharing their knowledge and skills with interested peers. It also enables LSAC and its member law schools to offer their expertise and resources directly to the school programs and participants, and to facilitate collaboration with an assigned law firm.

Students will...

  • Learn about the legal profession and the law
  • Enhance their capacity for academic and career success
  • Enhance their leadership skills

LSAC will...

  • Introduce participants to
  • Facilitate student participation in the community
  • Highlight the importance of diversifying law school and the legal profession
  • Target schools with racially and ethnically diverse student populations to align with’s goals
  • Expose participants to law-related opportunities
  • Facilitate collaboration between participating high schools and law firms or other law-related organizations to hold activities that expose the students to the law and the legal profession
  • Support participating high schools as needed to facilitate their programs’ civic engagement activity
  • Create opportunities for participating high schools to connect with law schools regarding preparation for law school
  • Motivate students to strive for academic success

Pilot Program Snapshots

Mini-Mock Debate Participants | 2014 Day for High School Students, Philadelphia
Attendees from Philadelphia, Trenton, and Newark High Schools | 2014 Day for High School Students, Philadelphia
Lunch with a Lawyer | 2014 Day for High School Students, Philadelphia
2015 Day for High School Students, Temple University PLUS Programs

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